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Business storage made Easy!! 

If your Company is Expanding or simply overstocked?

There are dozens of reasons why you might need some Space to store your Business goods & The best place is our HBS's Shared Storage Facility – Chennais Best & Top Storage company.

Store your Business stock, Important FIles, Any equipment, Sales/ promotional material, Your Office Un-used chairs/Tables/Computers and more with us for few days to many Years as per your Requirement

More storage for your Business

Temporary Storage needs for your Business are always Requried? 

We help you both Technically (CRM, Inventory Management) & Non-Technically (Helper/Loadman/Packing) with dedicated Stroage Manager for your Business. Options for both Short term Storage and Long term storage are available @ HBS.

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Flexibility - You pay only for space you use

Convenience - We Take care of your Inventory to Delivery needs all by ourself | End to End support

Security - 24/7 security and centralized monitoring system

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Grow Your Business Without Expanding Your Footprint

Chatting at Warehouse
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Delivery Men

HBS is the best Business Storage Space for Storing Your Business stocks/ Un-used items and the beauty part is you pay only for the storage space that you use for your Inventory or stored items

Need additional space to store stock, equipments, documents, or inventory? A self storage unit is the solution you’re looking for.

Businesses across various industries rent self storage units to get some much-needed space for an affordable monthly rate rather than expanding or renting a new commercial space. Whether you need multi-site storage, warehouse storage or you need Rent Storage Space for Business you will find a solution for all of your requirements here at Home Board servcies Storage Facility.

It’s time to look into affordable business storage with HBS!

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Small or Bulk Storage needs? 
Talk with our Team & Book your slots

So Whether you’re relocating or renovating your business, or want to store your excess inventory somewhere safely then Our Home Board services's storage compnay will provide wide range of storage services. We know that some warehouse spaces only offer expensive and lengthy commercial leases, which is why we are proud to offer flexible bulk storage at an affordable price. Whether you need it short term or long term, we have the perfect warehouse solution for you and your business to store your busienss Stocks, Inventory, chairs, tables, files, equipment, etc at our Self Storage, warehouse space for rent, storage rental units, storage space on rent near you. 

Relocating? We take care of your belongings safely

It could be clear from the starting that you are looking for storage space near you at one point in your Office/Hotel relocation. Whatever the case, storage in transit can accommodate your needs. Whenever storage is needed, we simply take your items and store them in our warehouse until you need them to be delivered. Then, we deliver your belongings exactly when and where you require any time as per your needs. It can be few items that needs to be delivered partially or full items at one shot, we got you covered everywhere.

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HBS provides secure, clean, and convenient storage services for all your warehouse for rent needs. Create more space in your Business with our flexible pay only for the space you use in our shared/Private warehouse facility near you. Our staff ensures your items are always safe and accessible so you can Expand your business.

If you are battling for storage space with unorganized stocks/Inventory or excessive furniture in your office which will be used only in the future then We at Home Board Servcies's Storage company can help you. We know that it can be painful job to declutter where you may lose your track and sales. HBS Storage offers economical storage facility to retain your goods safely in our storage space for rent in chennai/ warehouse for rent in chennai.

Best & Safe Storage in Chennai

Why Storing with HBS?

It's safe & secure

24/7 Security        

All our storage spaces are in the city and are well equipped with CCTV cameras.

Also, protected Safely by Guards


We prioritise customer safety over everything! All your items are insured up against Fire, Burglary, Flood, and any natural calamities.

     Pest & Fire Control

HBS follows regular pest control maintenance and sanitisation of boxes and storing space. And, also well equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.

Storage Agreement

We provide Storage Agreement to acknowledge that Home Board Services has stored your items very safely at its storage units

A valet self storage experience that you will love it

Smart pricing & Secure storage

Step 1 - Fill Basic Information

Step 2 - Fill Storage Requirements

Step 3 - Get Quotation

Feel free to call our representative for any Immediate Assistance

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No. 8/3, Home Board Servcies, VOC Street, Ayanambakkam Main road, Vanagaram, Chennai - 600095

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