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Is Things Still in Chennai/Bangalore locked House/PG, but not you?

Home Board is a storage company which has taken an initiative to save the rent of the people who was earlier in Chennai and now in hometown due to Covid lock-down.

The process is so simple,

1. We (Home Board Team) reach your place and connect with you via video call

2. You guide us to pack things from your PG/Room/House

3. We can either courier them to your Home town anywhere in India or if you have idea to return back Chennai/Bangalore again we can have it stored in our warehouse temporarily.

4. You can collect it from the warehouse once you return Chennai/Bangalore, simple.

5. You are now saving the Rent for upcoming months.

Haha, Thank me later.

So simple right, What are you still waiting for?

Book your slot today

and save your rent that you are paying unnecessarily

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